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Yext's mission is to give companies control over their brand experiences across the digital universe of maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants, and other intelligent services that drive consumer discovery, decision, and action.

It's imperative that your business' contact data is equivalent over all of your listings on the local business directories so that people can find your listing and then will receive accurate information. Also if you want to appear on Google page 1 in the neighborhood results for keywords in your business' industry.

Consistency is one of the positioning variables for the Google algorithm for Local SEO. In this world of mobile/cellular communications having your site easy to find online is vital to your success. With Yext, Google and other web indexes can be assets or properties that are integral to your web presence.

Setting up numerous diretory postings is tedious and dull. Yext removes a great deal of the frustration by enabling you to establish and additionally updatge your listings on more than 65 local directory search resources by setting up only one profile in one place.

Would it be advisable for you to utilize Yext? Apple

With Yext, you can have 65+ profiles set up in a small amount of the time that it takes to physically setup every local business index posting. It would have taken over 10 hours (perhaps over 20 hours) for you to physically setup or change the majority of my registry postings overseen by Yext. Muliply that for each time that you might want to make a change, announce a sale, etc. Notwithstanding the long setup, you would need to sit tight for quite a while for a portion of those alterations to be affirmed and distributed doing it manually. On the off chance that your business has duplicate postings, Yext can eliminate them. What investment of time would it take to physically research to discover and delete (including finding your old passwords for them) duplicate postings on Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. and all the others?

In the event that your business' telephone number, site, or address changes, you could change this data in minutes with Yext instead of hours. Other advantages of Yext is that if you had a paid membership to the 25 or so major platforms and the others that would cost much more than the one membership with Yext. With Yext controlling your listings on the platforms you are getting, in many cases, benefits of the paid membership levels on these other platforms. Features shut off to free members on some of these platforms, like adding a video, now become available!

Let's get you set up on YEXT, boost your local SEO while boosting the professionalism and appeal of your listings on the top local directories while eliminating the pain of the grunge work of managing all of these listings manually one at a time. This will make your life better and improve your online reach for your business.

Here is an extra benefit... we can get you set up at a drastically discounted price than if you had gone to the YEXT site and signed up there directly.