Yes Virginia, the Magic of Believing is Real

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Do you believe in magic? In this very early self improvement book, you can read numerous examples about how your mind can create a magical life provided you believe in it, act with positive core values ​​and work towards your desired results.

Magic is thought to be a slight of the hand or some voodo spell or a cane in a corner of a vacant house. Within this 60 year old book, The Magic of Believing (published in 1948) Claude Bristol shares through his vast knowledge and experiences about the power of the subconscious mind and how it truly is magic. For many contemporary readers, this information is not new, but at the time of this book, Bristol's work probably challenged the paradigms of many of his peers.

What is incredible is the depth of Bristol's knowledge about religion, philosophy and the achievements of women and men from earliest history to its present time of the 1940's. He threaded some noted individuals such as Helen Keller, actress Angela Lansbury (Murder She Wrote) with equally unknowns such as Madame Schumann-Heink by sharing their stories about how beliefs carried them through difficult times.

Bristol also looked at the affect of the forces of good and evil. He encourages people not to use the power of the subconscious for evil or self serving purposes that would harm another individual. Bristol believes that there is a direct connection between the magic of believing and spirituality. One of the instances he cited is in the Bible , Genesis Chapter 30 verses 36-43. This was the story of Jacob and how he used the power of believing to increase the size of his flocks of sheep and herds of cattle.

In another citing, he shared an article from the American Weekly magazine of August 25, 1946 entitled "Scientific Evidence Man Has a Soul" by Dr. JB Rhine. In example after example, Bristol referred to scientific evidence of experiments specific to the paranormal. He went into great detail to explain how one acclaimed scientist and research engineer for Westinghouse, Dr. Phillip Thomas, upon retiring decided to research telepathy because something was happening that defied normal explanation.

Bristol also shared two techniques to help the readers of this book to increase their own believing ability. The first one is what I call positive belief statements or what others call positive affirmations. The second one is the use of a mirror and how by standing in front of the mirror, talking out loud what you believe to be true you can experience the magic of believing by receiving what you want.

At the end of the book, Bristol examined women who through their power of believing accomplished incredible results. He believed that the power of the subconscious mind was easier for women than for men. His listing of noted women was intensive and many I had never heard or read about.

If you wish to truly achieve what you believe you can, then this book is a great resource. However, if you are a doubting Thomas, then you may wish to pass and find a more practical book.

Source by Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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