Why You Should Connect With Your Local Community Online

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Making a connection online is important. If you are looking to build your web presence you know that connecting with others is the ultimate goal. Many people try to advertise their way into friendships and business relationships but advertising is not as effective as it use to be. People are no longer reading their yellow books and ignoring TV commercials etc. Businesses have realized how this HUGE shift is changing the marketing industry and are quickly adapting to other forms of advertising. Relationship marketing is very powerful and what most businesses are using to tackle this new problem. When someone buys a product or service from someone else usually the product or service is something that the customer needs so they are going to buy it regardless…what makes the customer decide to buy it from any give company or person is the relationship that the two parties have with one another. For example: If you go into Wal-mart look for a new TV but the customer service is not what you expected, chances are you are not going to buy the TV. However, if you walk into Best Buy and look at the exact same TV for the exact same price but experience great customer service, chances are you just bought yourself a new TV.

Relationship marketing is how the world turns! So now the question is how do I build relationships with potential customers? There are an unlimited list of ways to do this but one new concept that I think I may be credited for is called “Community Networking”. Building relationships with your local neighbors and people in your community can be very rewarding. The obvious reason is that you both have a commonality in where you live. Also, you might have a mutual friend that you did not know about. Building relationships with people that you do business with and interact with is very powerful.

So how do you do this? You definitely would not want to go door to door asking neighbors to be your friend! A better idea would be to create a way for you to connect online. Facebook and Myspace already allow you to connect with friends and family and other people in your area but most people don’t know how to and its very time consuming for you to add new friends on these sites. Also, if you try to add too many friends at once your account might become disabled. An alternative method would be to create a page or message board where people could come and connect. This approach would be better because its not a direct people to people relationship but rather a people to community relationship which gets around adding too many friends at once etc.

If your neighborhood does not have a message board or community website don’t worry! All you need is a Facebook or MySpace account and a little bit of computer skills. Simply create a Facebook Fan Page or Myspace Group and custom tailor it to your specific community. Then start promoting your site and people will join!

Source by Clint Schubert

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