Virginia Birth Records

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The state of Virginia can be found in the southern part of the north American continent. It is home to 8 United States Presidents. It has a rich history, from the early settlements by the indigenous people, to its discovery by the Virginia Company of London. Today, there are about 8 million people residing in the state.

Its registration of births, deaths and marriages started in 1856 and carried on in the year of 1896 due to the eruption of the Civil War. Only very few counties continued on with the registration during that dark period of reform and some were kept between the years of 1896-1912. There were some records from the period of 1853-1896 and are well preserved at the Library of Virginia. Marriage and licensing bonds are often published in the records on the county level. These can be dated back from the 1600’s.

Those seeking to obtain records of birth since the year 1913, and marriages that were registered after 1936 may be able to write a request to the following address:

Virginia Department of Health

Office of Vital Records

James Madison Building

P.O. Box 1000

Richmond, VA 23208

Tel: 804-786-6228 or 804-786-6201

The fastest way to verify and search birth records is to search VA birth records online. You will have to pay a fee, the good news is that you are able to get a full refund if no records are found, If you try writing to the Virginia Department of Health or VA vital statistic office where refunds are not given.

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