Using the State of Virginia For Gift Basket Ideas

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In the South, you will find the state of Virginia, which was named after Queen Elizabeth I, who was often referred to as the "Virgin Queen." As one of the Thirteen Colonies, the state held a history of fighting for freedom as they revolted against British rule and participating in the American Revolution. Today, prominent cities in Virginia to consider when brainstorming for gift basket ideas should include the capital, Richmond (home of many important civil war landmarks) and the most popular city, Virginia Beach (home of miles of beaches and hundreds of hotels).

A glaring path to possible gift basket success could have been found in the fact that Virginia has been known as the "Mother of Presidents." This is due to the high number of United States leaders born in the state. Eight US presidents breathed their first gasps of life in Virginia: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson.

While a few presides in this bunch can carry an appealing gift basket theme on their own, going beyond the norm would include an aspect from each of the noted presences within an arrangement. A few ideas may include: cherry jam or dollar-bill decorative stationary (Washington); wine and gourmet food (Jefferson was quite fond of both); A picture of William and Mary and Princeton school memorabilia (Madison attended both); and sometimes a dictionary (Taylor was a noted poor speller and writer).

To appease incoming students and proud parents, a gift basket to celebrate the higher learning institutions in Virginia may include the colors and mascots of University of Virginia (orange and navy blue); A picture of William and Mary (green and gold); James Madison University (purple and gold, Duke dog); and the largest populated school, Virginia Commonwealth University (black and gold; rams).

To create a Discover Virginia gift basket, you may pull from the resources of well-known natives and residents of the state. For example, the Tearjerker gift basket makes a great gift for women to give their best friends, as Terms of Endearment actress, Shirley MacLaine was born in Virginia. The Sandra Bullock movie basket could include a host of her popular movies, such as Miss Congeniality, accompanied by an assortment of common movie theater snacks.

Raised in Virginia, Edgar Allen Poe could produce an interesting gift basket set-up for enthusiasts of his work. A children's gift basket may include a Pocahontas theme, which pays tribute to the Native American princess from the Powhattan tribe. Some of the state symbols of Virginia will also fuel satisfying gift basket themes that may include cardinals (state bird); square dance music (state dance); oysters (state shell); and milk-related products (state beverage).

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