They Are Now Called Personal Protection Specialists

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They used to be called “bodyguards.” Now, the correct term is “personal protection specialist.” There is much more to this profession than what people see in movies and on TV.

Personal protection specialists are hired to protect celebrities, executives, officials, politicians, diplomats, world leaders and other high profile or public figures. With the increased globalization of business and an ever-increasing culture of celebrity, personal protection specialists are being hired by people who are wary of stalkers, paparazzi, assassins and kidnappers. It was once popular for a body guard to be large and intimidating, however, today’s personal protection specialists have to be able to both check the limo for a car bomb and be able to carry on a smart conversation at an executive get-together.

Personal protection specialists plan and organize their client’s movements to reduce the possibility of harm. For example, when Oprah goes shopping, her protection specialist where and when and how the shopping trip will proceed to reduce risk of danger. Before a high powered executive gives a speech, their protection specialists arrive in advance to check for any possible breaches in security. Even the Pope travels with protection specialists who can protect him from over-zealous paparazzi or a would-be assassin.

Most specialists today attend special training courses to develop their skills including first aid, weapons training, defensive and offensive driving and responding to terrorist threats. Many times, personal protection specialists are ex-Marines, retired police officers or FBI agents that have been schooled in the art of security and protection.

This profession may seem glamorous and exciting, but it can be a very boring job, too. Protection specialists will spend many hours on duty when nothing is really happening and some even serve as status symbols who only insulate the wealthy from inconvenient people. Also, protection specialist spend a lot of time performing tasks that seem more like something a butler would do.

Source by Karen Vertigan Pope

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