The INFRINGERS | Branding Meeting (Episode 1)

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The INFRINGERS | Branding Meeting (Episode 1) Over-sharer: M-maybe it’s our name? Marsupial Man: Wait, what’s wrong with The Ring-tailed Lemur Squad? The Sulk: Doesn’t really say “Super Heroes”. The Over-sharer: And we keep getting emails from people asking us if they can donate to our animal charity. The Sulk : If anything, you’re more of a kangaroo than a lemur…. Marsupial Man : I resent that statement. The Over-Sharer: Ok, how about Eugene, Sullivan & Sharon? The Sulk: We’re not a legal firm. Marsupial Man: Well then I guess The Kangaroo Kourt is out. (The sulk and over-sharer sigh exasperatedly) The Sulk: We were once men… now we are “X”-Men! The Over-Sharer: Taken.

Marsupial Man: The…. Koala Kan… uh- no. The Over-Sharer: Oooo, The Whisper Alliance! (sulk and marsupial man both shudder and say no) The Sulk: How about the Fantastic Four! The Over-Sharer: Even if that weren’t taken, that doesn’t even make sense. There are three of us! Marsupial Man: Do you even read comics? The Sulk: Of course I do! I read The Boy’s own and Wiz comics just like anyone else! The Over-Sharer: What? The Sulk: No, wait, I got one this time – The Avengers! The Over-Sharer: Are you serious? We’ve been through this.

Marsupial Man: They’re our biggest rivals! Even if they don’t know we exist. The Over-Sharer: We can’t afford to get sued for copyright infringement. Marsupial Man: Wait, say that again! .

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