State Labor Laws in Virginia

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Virginia is a beautiful state on the Atlantic Coast of the Southern United States. Let me tell you that it is an excellent place to work and the working conditions are also very good over here. The Virginia labor and employment laws are intended to enforces the wage act and protect other important rights including minimum wage and the right to work.

Some of the state labor laws which are applicable in this state are as follows:

1. Minimum wage rate
According to federal fair labor standards act, an employee who has spouse, children, and parents must receive the federal minimum wage of $ 7.25 per hour.

2. Equal salary irrespective of gender
This law prohibits discrimination in pay based on gender. Both male and female are entitled to receive equal pay in this state for the same amount and kind of work.

3. Hiring
Well, no state government or court binds the employer to hire the best candidates. Owners are free to hire the candidate of their choice. However they can not differentiate the candidates on the basis of age, color, creed, ancestry, arrest record, disability, marital status, nationality, race, sex etc.

4. References
A previous employer is free to provide any non-confidential information about a previous employee, so long as it is true and is not provided to unkindly harm the employee. An employer who provides false information that disparages the employee may be liable for defamation.

5. Discrimination and wrongful treatment
The owners in this state are not allowed to terminate or discriminate employees on the basis of age, color, creed, ancestry, arrest record, disability, marital status, nationality, race, sex etc. If any employer is found to differentiate on this basis then another action is taken against him or her.

6. Injury caused at work place
If any worker is injured during the working hours then the employer will have to pay the compensation to the employee according to some laws related to the work place injury.

7. Safety and health protection
According to this law each owner should furnish to his workers, a place of employment which is free from any kind of hazards that may cause serious physical harm to the workers. Each owner must comply with occupational safety and health standards, rules, regulations and orders issued as per the laws.

Well, these are some of the rules that are awaiting in this state. You must strictly exclude them if you are an employee or an employer.

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