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I am sure you have all seen the tool trucks that pull up to your local garage and sell tools to mechanics at some time or another. What you may not realize is that this is a very profitable business that you can run out of your home.

Today’s automobiles are a technological marvel, they are computerized and full of fantastic features, but they are still a mechanized form of transportation. In other words no matter how fancy they are, they are still a machine and like all machines they need repaired from time to time. These repairs are still performed by a trained technician who uses a huge variety of hand tools of every size and type imaginable.

Professional mechanics tend to be very fussy about the kind of tools they buy because for them it is an investment in their career. Buying cheap tools are not an option; they tend to break very easily, resulting in lost time finding a replacement or in a worst case scenario, the mechanic being injured.

This is where the tool truck comes in, they all sell very high quality tools, that are backed by lifetime warranties by the manufacturer. Knowing that he is buying top quality tools that will give him a lifetime of service, the mechanic does not mind paying a little more for the cost of his tools.

Tool trucks today are a virtual tool store on wheels, they carry everything a mechanic could need in quantity, offering a once a week shopping opportunity at each location. Not only does a tool truck offer a huge inventory on board, but they can get anything that they do not carry within a short period of time. They also offer financing programs to the mechanics to allow them to make weekly payments on larger purchases; which helps keep the money coming in.

Generally speaking you will be a franchised owner of your own business, meaning that your truck sells only one brand of tools such Snap On or Mac. This insures that you have access to the same products at all times, as well as ongoing training and new equipment. Starting out in the tool truck business is not one of the least expensive businesses, start up can cost upwards of $100,000, but the return on your investment is high. For someone who likes to meet people, is a good salesman and likes to be outdoors, this is a perfect small business.

Source by Serena Lewis

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