Some tips for beginners from a expert

Just some notes I took for you beginners.

Your sitting here asking questions for one is what your doing wrong and your not paying a professional. I think that one time in your life you should pay either a person who is a expert at seo or pay a business who knows what they re doing. Pick someone who has been doing it for over 10 years. I will admit that no you guys don't know what the hell you are doing at all. If you made a blog one or two months ago, the blog should appear on google in exactly 23 days. Then the blog should only get about 3 clicks a day or a week if you left it like that. Maybe with minimal seo done to it. Maybe with just your meta tags and seo titles and medium decent SEO done to the website. So 3 clicks a day or a week is normal for any new website. It also will just stay there for ever if you leave it.

Now what do you do. Ok the truth to get a bunch of clicks is and will always be your content. If your clicks were ever going to spike for a little while that would be because of the content you are releasing or just released. What is good content? Good content is really good content. Do your content research. I made $25,000 a month for a while because I was using admob (apps adsense) because I figured out what good content was and found something to make that I saw someone else making. Do your research and this blogging job or clicks that you want will be a very very easy task for you. How do you find good content. That is easy. Top charts. Go find top charts.

If you have a crap blogs or store and just run ads then you are just going to sink your money into the ads and just get sales or break even. If you added a blog to your store with good content it will grow. But no, growth is not just backlinks, titles, skill set, titles haha no. It is content.

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