Small Business Marketing Ideas – Advertise Your Business by Sponsoring Local Teams

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When you want to advertise your business some of the best small business marketing ideas involve getting active in your local community. If your community sees you as one of them, they will be more apt to do business with you.

When you get involved in your local community, you are making both you and your business a known entity. If you are sponsoring local teams and getting involved in your neighborhood functions you are becoming part of the community and people feel very loyal to you. Becoming a part of the community is a great small business marketing idea; just think how many people are watching a little league baseball game. When the team takes the field and your business name is on their shirts, you are advertising. Every time the team is mentioned in the local paper or goes to another school, you are advertising your business.

Small business marketing ideas like this one is nothing but positive, even if your team looses the championship, you still got all the benefit of that great advertising. And anytime you show up at a game you are networking for your business. You are becoming a household name. Of course, the better known you are, the more you will probably be asked to do sponsorships and make pledges, but when you consider how much you would spend in advertising in local newspapers, or in trade papers; you are getting much more for your money. You are investing in your future. The parents are your customers today, but the kid on the team is the customer of tomorrow.

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