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What makes our search engine optimization services unique?

Our rankings are achieved through a combination of on-site SEO and off-site SEO that includes all major and minor search engines (imperative to boost results in larger search engines) the campaign also includes directory link work and social promotion.

Unlike other SEO companies that just use SEO or ‘blogs’ as old traditional methods the campaign encompasses as many avenues and strands of promotion as possible to deliver results.

Please read that again so you understand just how unique, comprehensive and beneficial our SEO services are as compared to the industry as a whole.

On-Site SEO….

Whether you stay a customer of ours or not you will get your website optimized so that Google’s spiders will chow down for lunch and stay for dinner and come back often!

Off-Site SEO….

Did you know that Google only updates its links 2-3 times per year now? If you are using an SEO service that relies heavily on this one aspect of optimization then you can expect to not see significant results for 4 to 6 months or more. Also most of those links may be on high-ranking domains that pack some Google juice but the likelihood of those links themselves being seen is very slim indeed. With most companies it is the Google ranking and that’s it!

You and I both know that being seen on the internet in 2020 means being EVERYWHERE.

And so this is what sets us apart…. Your site will be seen on directories, lesser search engine results and also SOCIAL MEDIA such as Pinterest, YouTube, Twiiter, Facebook etc. You can expect to get traffic from many places besides just Google.

Social Media Marketing…

We help you attract new customers from FacebookTwitterYouTube and every social media network.


We require $695 up front to do the on-site SEO and get the campaign strategized and launched. We then give you two months off from paying us a dime!!! Yes, the first two months are free for every client! After the first two months you will be happy to pay us $350/month ongoing. Many SEO companies will charge 4, 5, 10 times that amount and for a handful of keywords but we will never increase the price that you signed on with as long as you are with us and you will be seeing your site ranking not for a few but for dozens, even over time, hundreds of keywords in your local area.

More Features –

Customer Support – Guaranteed response within 24-48 hours

Guarantee – We simply guarantee that you will see results in your rankings and on your Google Analytics and if you don’t see progress in 3 months then you can walk. Remember… you didn’t pay for those first two months! We Require No Contracts – We are Month to Month. Unlike other SEO companies we don’t consider that we own you. We consider that we are privileged to service you as our customer!
You will be on a subscription for the convenience of all concerned. If you want to cancel your subscription just notify us before the 15th of the previous month.

Bona Fides and Credentials.

Provider is a 10 year old company certified with:

McAfee Secure Certification

Go Daddy – Holders of Verified and Secured Go Daddy Seal Of Trust

Trusted Sites – Safe Site listed on Trusted Sites.

Sample reviews of our service:
“Great people! The real deal!
Been with them for about a month and they react quickly, expertly and proficiently. I got my work results and reports on schedule, without fail. Also, can’t think of one negative word to state I really can’t. Truly satisfied all round.” – R.T.

“As an owner of a small business I couldn’t possibly be more pleased than with the results I quickly received from this company. I never believe it possible but here I am on Google page 1 for many keywords already!” – N.M.

I used this amazing service with a brand new website I was monkeying around with, and it worked out well. This was only a few weeks old domain and now I am ranking on Google page 1! I have now successfully launched two more sites and am experiencing more great results!” -S.N.

“I bought signed up with great skepticism but like most business people I lacked the time to manage my own Search Engine Optimization. Originally I used the service of a competitor but found that they expected me to do the work based on their guidance.So happy that this company does all the work for me and just keeps me up to date on things as they progress.” – J.B.