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To sign up as a user and representative

All of the essential details about Royaltie proximity marketing app are on the home page. However, not included there is information on how to make money offering this amazing new marketing solution to other small businesses. Here is the simplest way to explain that.

When one signs up for the app and pays the initial one time $30 fee and the first monthly $77 they need to check the box that asks if they want to be an affiliate as well. Once they have done so and checked out they have 10,000  local ad views appearing on social news feeds like FB, IG, YT, etc, etc, hundreds of sites and all within the radius from the location they chose. They choose the location and the radius (essentially 1 mile up to 7 mile radius according to their preference) and now they are all set to get epic brand awareness in their local area for just $77/month which, well, if a business can’t afford that then…. they really really need this then! 🙂
OK so now you have the service and you have the status to market the app to other businesses and that was all that there was too it. Awesome eh? It gets better…
There is more to know about the compensation system for getting businesses hooked up with this great new marketing app but here is how I like to simplify it… once you have 100 businesses on board you are making $3000/month residual!

Simplified compensation plan overview. There are a lot more details and additional ways to get paid for representing this great company and service!

So you are bringing in to the company about $7700/month and getting paid $3000! Even better… you don’t have to bring in the 100 all yourself! You get a business on board and they want to be an affiliate…. all that this new affiliate on your team gets to sign up count in that 100! Also you get credited from the businesses that referrals of your referrals sign up…. you get credited towards that 100 from the referrals of your referrals so two levels of team working to bring other businesses aboard and contributing their efforts to that 100 total.
There is more to the compensation plan than that and also, of course, as you go past that 100 people you can earn even more.
So the easiest way to look at it is this. For providing to 100 small local businesses an opportunity to get tremendous local brand awareness at a negligible price you are getting paid $3000/month residual and you don’t even have to get them all yourself.

Here is the direct link you can get signed up and started at.

Oh, and by the way, there are other features such as a landing page creator, demographic targetting is coming soon, more features now and soon to be released.

Oh, and the CEO of the company and the marketing director are doing two zoom or facebook q and a sessions weekly so nobody is going it alone with this thing. They can ask all the questions they have about best practices and so forth!