Prevention, Management and Control of a Flooded Basement in Alexandria, Virginia

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Alexandria, Virginia is a city located just south of downtown Washington, D.C. and is accordingly constructed and functioning based on its proximity to the nation’s capital. Due to numerous trade and business associations, Alexandria is the seventh highest and largest income independent city of Virginia.

The weather is steady, with residents experiencing a year round balance of warmth and cold, and an even distribution of precipitation. The wettest month of the year in the city is May.

Although most of Alexandria is land area, it is bounded by the Potomac River on the east.

As with any town or city, there is always the reality of flooding. Be it from natural disasters, or structural faults, floods are something that homeowners must face. The high valued properties in Alexandria are no exception. How then, does one safeguard against flooding in one’ property? How does one address the problem once it has occurred?

Prevention is always a primary consideration. It can be tedious and time consuming, but regularly checking around your house for cracks or leaks, and even the neighborhood water lines can save a lot of time and effort when being able to spot damages early on. Immediately address problems early on so as not to risk further damage. Ask for professional help if needed.

However, there are times when problematic areas are overlooked-or natural disasters happen. This almost always results in huge damages for the affected households and neighborhoods. Property is left destroyed in the aftermath of such events. One such result of the said mishaps is flooding.

Floods can gather anywhere in your property. However, it is a most difficult problem to handle when it gathers in one’s basement.

Basements hold everything from power tools, old furniture and possessions, and even paint and other chemical based substances. All these can mix in the flood water, forming more harmful compounds. This is why it is always important to go in to floodwater with the proper gear. Waterproof and impenetrable gloves and boots are of utmost importance. Long sleeved clothing and pants are also a must. Also, when going into a flooded basement, because of the presence of electrical wires and outlets, always turn off the power supply in the whole structure to avoid electrocution.

In draining floodwater, make sure that the pump you are using runs on a rechargeable power source, or from a power supply outside the property or structure you are in. Be sure to drain the water slowly, about a foot every eight to twelve hours to allow the walls and other fixtures to dry up and regain their sturdiness.

If the flood is in a basement where there are too many chemicals or unknown objects in the water (such broken tools, and the like) that can cause serious harm to you, do not hesitate to call in professional help. The trained individuals can help, not only in effectively addressing the current flood problem, but also in making the necessary repairs to prevent basement flooding from happening again.

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