Personal Branding Part 2 of 6: How to Find Your Niche | Chris Spurvey

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Hi my name is Chris Spurvey. I’m very grateful for you taking the time to watch this video and check out my YouTube channel. On this YouTube channel I help business owners, I give business owners and sales-minded entrepreneurs tips, ideas, tricks, different things that will help them attract new clients. If you’re one of those people – business owners, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants – who would like to improve their ability to sell and attract new clients, then by all means subscribe to my channel. In this particular video, at the end of the video actually, I’m going to give you an opportunity to win one of three copies of this book by my friend Dorie Clark. Dorie Clark had a phenomenal impact on me through that book, Stand Out, as well as through video and podcasts – in particular, the podcast where I interviewed her. She had a particular impact on me regarding my personal brand and my decision to jump out and start to grow my personal brand and create a bit of a platform around the book that I was authoring at the time.

In past videos, I’ve shared with you some ideas around growing a personal brand. In particular, the last video was about when to start – when to start growing your personal brand. In this particular video, I want to share with you some ideas that I learned from Dorie that I went on to kind of flesh out and make them my own, as to how to find your own particular niche, find your unique spin on your personal brand. Perhaps I can be an example. If you’ve made the decision, that you’re going to go out and start to grow a personal brand and put your ideas, your thoughts, your stories out there, it’s likely that you are focusing on a very broad niche. For my example, I started focusing on the broad niche of sales, because that’s my area of focus; that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 15-20 years. It’s really about attracting clients to myself and to my business, and so I decided to focus my personal brand on the idea of sales. How do we bring that down a little bit to find our own unique spin and our own unique niche? Well first of all, you need to go back in your history.

For me, there’s a couple of elements that I’ll share with you. Element #1 is – when I was in my late teens, early twenties, I was introduced to Tony Robbins. When I got introduced to Tony Robbins, I took a liking, I fell in love with the idea of growing myself personally. I embrace the idea of personal development and doing something to improve myself every single day. So motivation and vision-creation – in other words, deciding what we want for our lives and going after what we want and creating this picture, which I call a vision, is something that I’m very passionate about. The second thing that I’m very passionate about is I’m passionate about entrepreneurship. Going back to my university days when I started my first company with my friend Steve and my other friend Ron, I’ve been an entrepreneur and a business-owner effectively all my life. So those are the three – we have the broad umbrella of sales, I have a personal passion which is personal development and motivation, and I also have a personal passion which is entrepreneurship and growing a business. And I guess a third focus is a little of serving; I love helping other people and I get great energy out of sharing some things with people, learning from people and giving back to those people.

What I’m trying to tell you as an example from my perspective is that I have taken those passions and I’ve taken the umbrella of sales, and that’s my unique spin. I encourage you to look at your broad umbrella. It could be anything in terms of what your broad umbrella –. My friend Susan is focused on yoga as a particular example. Just many examples of people. My other friend Craig – it’s interesting. Craig actually inspired this particular video because he asked me on a 1-on-1 call, we’re kind of coming to a close on my Successful Sales Program and I had a 1-on-1 discussion with the participant Craig. He has a passion for nonprofits; a passion for sports management. He has managed to create this niche for himself under the umbrella of sports management, and we started to talk about how to flesh out and grow a personal brand based on our passions under the umbrella of perhaps what could be a broad niche.

So these are some ideas. Take your umbrella ideas, start to break it down a little bit, and in next week’s video I’m going to just give you ideas again based on what I learned from Dorie as to how to start growing a following. I’ll use myself as an example, how to grow a following underneath the broad niche and the drilled down niche that you are focusing on. So before I conclude, I wanted to say, if you comment below or you like this video, dislike this video, whatever you want to do, share it with somebody – I’m going to go through all the various things that have happened underneath this video and I’m going to pick three people.

And I’m going to mail a copy of this phenomenal book, Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It by my friend, Dorie Clark. By all means, again, comment, ask questions, feel free to share your interpretation about what I’ve shared in this particular video on how to find your own unique spin and niche as it pertains to your personal brand. I’ll deliver to you another great video, hopefully great, next Sunday morning. Have yourself a great week! .

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