Overview – How Can We Help Your Branding And Marketing?

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  • Pay Per Revenue Marketing
    • Storefront businesses with Your Branding And Marketing small recurring purchases. Mainly for Restaurants and lifestyle businesses.

Pay Per Revenue Promotions – We’ll Advertise your cashback-promotion for FREE, on 1000+ websites, apps and rewards programs, such as Yelp, Bank of America, United Airlines, SwagBucks, Hilton Honors and more.

When a user clicks on your cashback they will connect their credit card to it.

When they use that credit card to buy from you, they’ll get the cashback and you’ll pay us a small commission, after you get the money.

Meaning there is zero risk, it’s a Pay Per Revenue model, and we always get you 500% ROI guaranteed.

  • Local Top brand magazine advertising for low cost
    • Mainly business that care very much about their brand. Any business category that has a luxury tier will work well, and high end service businesses where the brand name is the main attraction.
    • Examples of Luxury businesses – Jewelry, high-end Fashion, luxury cars, luxury real-estate, private hospitals, etc.
    • Examples of service business – Accountants, lawyers, physicians (mainly cosmetics), etc.

Magazines have the highest ROI of any media. Your business should be on a top brand magazines so you can show YOUR BRAND next to top world brands. And guess what, we have such prices that whatever Warren Buffet can afford, now you can afford”

  • Pay Per LEAD SEO
    • Any business that is NOT on the 1st page of Google

You don’t pay for work done in an effort to get you ranked on Google page 1 nor even for our attainment of your site ranking on the first page of Google! You won’t pay until you start getting phone calls from prospective clients! Nobody does what we do and what we do is all about impacting your bottom line!

#brand magazine advertising
Don’t pay for work done! Don’t pay for ranking on Google! ONLY PAY when your bottom line is impacted by leads calling you interested in your service!!! We are 5 star reviews on Google across the board and A+ BBB! Call 804 296 5303 with your questions!
  • (Broadly) – Reputation management and communication
    • Any business that has 30+ transactions a month and has the ability to collect emails and phone numbers.
    • A good prospect will have a low number of reviews and/or ranking, or a large number of old reviews.
    • If they don’t have good ranking they won’t convert traffic to clients. If they are spending money on traffic (advertising/seo), they are wasting away a large portion of the funds if they have bad ranking.

88% of Americans start their buying journey on the web. 67% of people will not buy from a business with less than 3-Star Ranking on their reviews. Did you know that?

The vast majority of users will make their buying decision influenced by the ranking and reviews of your business.

In other words, would you rather with a 2.9 Stars company or a 4.1 Star one.

Would you work with a company that has recent reviews or with one that hasn’t gotten a new review in the last 6 months?

We all know the answer, that’s why it’s key for any business to have fresh, good reviews online.

Moreover, if you’re spending money on promoting your business online, and you have low-mid review ranking, you’re actually throwing your money away!”

  • YEXT – any business that doesn’t have Yext

People are looking for your business on 100+ sites, apps and voice services. Can they find you?

Today people search for services on many different platforms such as Yelp, Google, Facebook and a 100+ other websites, apps and voice services, for your business”.

In fact your business sees +2x more views on these different sites and apps than your own business website.

In addition 50% of searches today are done on mobile, and a growing number is done using voice search. Searches are becoming more complex and you need to make sure you’re found by Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and more.

Having rich content, images, text, coupons, services, bios and more on 100+ sites is a hard work.

But with our One Record of Truth solutions, you only need to update one business profile to be updated in a structured way across the web. It’s super affordable and a staple product for any business’s marketing toolbox.”

  • Guaranteed Facebook Advertising (soon available)
    • Any business that is not doing or not happy with their traffic provider.
    • We provide campaigns for Retailers who are interested in walk-in local traffic, as well lead generation campaigns for service provides,
  • DIY Site building platform connected to full site setup service on backend. (soon available)
    • Any business who wants to setup a site themselves or want a site to be created for them (full service)
    • New businesses, as well as businesses with old sites.
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