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Every day, small business owners are getting more confused about the intersection of mobile marketing and local search. Google has taken a liking to it as well, since it has released the Android mobile operating system. Businesses themselves have an incredible opportunity to not only be ranked, but to get lots of traffic in their doors and to their website.

Here's a quick run down of how you can positively affect small business owners website traffic:

Maps: With new mobile operating systems put out by Google and Apple, users are able to search for what they way, where they want, very quickly. Now, if they want to eat at an Italian restaurant or are looking for the best pizza in a 5 mile radius, it's as easy as picking up their phone and typing in the search. Experts are predicting that up to 90% of mobile users will be dependent on mobile maps in the next 12 months, representing a huge opportunity for businesses.

QR Codes: Have you ever heard of a QR code? Have you ever seen a QR code? If you have not you will start seeing them in more and more places. Soon almost every business and person will have one or more of these codes.

Places Listings: Google has created roughly 49 million + Places listings for local businesses. Almost 9 out of 10 of these go unclaimed. Meaning they are not optimized nor have any information filled in between the address (which could be incorrect) and the business name.The Places listing allows you to go far beyond that information, providing detailed hours of operation, pictures, videos, services offered, coupons, reviews, citations, and much more.

The current generation of mobile devices guarantees a huge wave of new ways to get traffic and customers in the door of a business. Between QR codes, Maps and Places, the opportunities are endless. The problem is businesses do not know what to do about all of these advanced features! It's up to you to go show them what to do ..

Even with all of the advancement and media coverage, business owners are still pretty much clueless in terms of what this stuff can do for their business. It's up to you to teach them how to use the technology to further their business in 2011.

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