Local Business Marketing – How To Promote My Small Business In The Most Effective Ways

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So you own a small business, maybe you are a car repair shop, a dentist, a plumber, or a real estate agent. Maybe you have been around for a long time or maybe you have just opened your business. Either way you know that the key to staying in business is getting customers and the key to getting customers is promotion. Hands down there is no better place to promote yourself than the internet. Most people would not disagree with me there. The problem though is most people have no idea what to do, how to do it, or how to even get started. This article is for you!

You need a home on the internet, a website. Unfortunately this is a lot like a graduation ceremony. You see most people think of a website as the end of their online promotion. Actually it is just the beginning. You could have a design team build you a million dollar website, but if you do not know how to promote your website you are never going to get any visitors. No visitors equals no new customers, which equals your website being a big waste of money. This is where most people stop.

Below I am going to list several places that you can promote your website all for free. Places that will get you targeted traffic, people who are interested in buying your product or service. So let’s get started right now…

Google Places is a web directory that connects people with companies much in the same way that the Yellow pages used to. When you type in “real estate agent” Google Places looks at your IP address and determines the area you are in, then it lists the real estate agents that are in your area along with phone numbers and a map. In order to get listed on Google Places you need to go to Google and click on Business Solutions and then Google Places. The set up is fairly straight forward: tell about your business, upload some pics, link your website, and hit submit. Google Places will then call your business number and give you a code which you need to put in.

Yahoo Answers is a website that is highly ranked by search engines. When a person types in a question like “How do I unclog a drain?” the search engine will often return a page or two from Yahoo Answers. The great news is that you can post on Yahoo Answers and link people back to your site. In the example I just used lets assume you are a plumber. Go to Google and type in questions related to plumbing. Post answers on the sites that are Yahoo Answers sites and make sure to include a link back to your site “for more information”.

Amazon Book Reviews are a great place to get traffic. Have you ever bought anything off Amazon, if you have then you can leave book reviews. Go to books that you have read that are in your area of business. For example if you own a car repair shop go to books about car repair. Leave a review of the books in there you have read and point them back to your site “for more information”

All these places are absolutely free and they will drive customers to your website that are interested in buying your services.

Source by Jason C. Maxwell

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