Local Business Internet Marketing: 7 Major Success Tips

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Would you like to take advantage of the Internet to promote your local business? It is estimated that at least 82 percent of all consumers go online to search out local businesses. By using local business Internet marketing strategies you can build an online presence that can produce many new customers. Many business owners have no idea how to start advertising online, but you have to learn how to use online resources to stay ahead of your competition. With that in mind, here are 7 important local internet marketing tips:

(1) Design Easy To Navigate Business Website.

The first thing you should do is get yourself a business website. Local shoppers often refer to local websites for telephone numbers, directions and hours of operation. Set up a website that looks professional while being easy to use. As studies have shown this increases conversion rate. Your site does not have to cost a fortune as you can obtain templates for nothing or next to nothing. For instance, WordPress.org provide simple templates you can use. If you feel you cannot do this on your own, you may wish to purchase software or hire a professional. The key is making your site easy to navigate for your online visitors.

(2) Use Easy To Find Domain Name

Make sure you have a domain name that is easy to find online. This alone can make all the difference in the world. Sadly, many of the most popular names are already taken as the Internet is so vast. However, choose the best one you can find, as this will really boost your local business internet marketing campaign. The point is make your domain name as relevant as possible to the nature of your business. And why’s that so important? Well, the more relevance, the better you can generate highly targeted customers to your site.

(3) Make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) And Google Places Your Priority

Search engines need to be your friend for your local internet marketing campaign. Optimize your site for SEO using relevant keywords, so that potential customers can easily find you online. Keywords are the words or phrases people type into a search engine such as Google when searching for something specific. So, make sure you add the right keywords into your website and any online content relevant to your business. Take care when doing this as you want your customers to be satisfied and find what they want when they click on a search engine listing. Don’t stuff your content with too many keywords, so you don’t put off your readers or get penalized by the search engines. And to generate customers for free, get your business on Google Places at: Google.com/places. It’s free to set up!

(4) Get Listed With Google Local Business Center

You can even use Google’s Local Business Center to boost your local business Internet marketing efforts. Listing your operation here allows customers to post helpful reviews and other information. You can also use the GetListed.org website to see if your listings have been claimed. You may have a great website, but if your listing score is 5 percent out of 100 for example, you are not taking advantage of the free listings in the search engines. You will see messages saying you have not claimed your listing on Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines. Instructions are there for getting listed to maximize your online exposure.

(5) Take Advantage Of Email

Having a comprehensive local business Internet marketing plan can lead to huge success online. A common mantra among online marketers is that the money is in the list. A solid email list is an extremely profitable way to endorse your company. Most businesses are unaware of the importance of building a list, but it is said that email marketing delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) of any other initiative online. Emailing can help establish trust with your business as does online reviews. It is the online equivalent of word of mouth which has long been recognized as one of the best forms of advertising.

(6) Participate In Social Networking

Are you on Twitter and Facebook? These social media sites are hot topics right now, so it makes sense to strike while the iron is hot. Your online marketing plan should include pages on these sites so that you can build a fan base of potential customers. These sites can be used in conjunction with a blog site like WordPress which will allow you to inform your audience of new developments and products. With the social sites you can easily build a relationship with customers which is invaluable in the business world.

(7) Use Online Banner Advertising

Run Banner Ad campaigns. This will improve visibility and bring more traffic to your site. One key thing to include in your campaigns is to make your ad visually captivating to online visitors with links to an incentive offer. Alternatively, you could provide a landing page to your site regarding your special offers. And also place your banner ad on sites that are relevant to your business, as this will increase your conversion rate. In terms of local business internet marketing, banner ads campaign can certainly be productive with the right approach. And displaying highly relevant banner ads to your online visitors is a key factor towards a successful campaign.

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