Local AdLink – An Online Marketer’s Review

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Local AdLinks is a new online marketing company that recently began operating in December 2008  It is scheduled for official launch in April 2009, but started signing up distributors when it opened it’s doors.  The company has had training sessions for new distributors in Nevada and is planning more in the future.  The website provides members with a replicated site to be used for marketing purposes and there is a back office to both manage the sales of ads and the business.

Local Adlinks was founded by Bob McNulty who is also the founder of Boomj which is a social networking site for baby boomers.  He is a solid businessman with a good corporate/entrepeneurial record.

Local AdLinks sells advertising packages for $49, $99 and $199 dollars.  The advertising packages are unique in that they target online customers using zip codes selected by the advertisors.  The ads find the targeted customers through the use of IP addresses.  This is cutting edge technology that may threaten the pay per click model that is the mainstay of online marketers.

Local AdLinks is structured as a binary network marketing company with a  payplan that is based on the selling of ads.  Distributors join for $299 and then have the ability to sign up additional business builders.  The business builder position also comes with $1000 worth of advertising on the Local AdLink network which can be used by the member or used as an incentive to make advertising sales. 

The compensation is set out in a manner that encourages the sale of advertising packages.  This is a change from many network marketing companies where the bulk of the product purchased by members that need to hit certain volume level to “qualify” .  When an ad sale is made, the money (or points) is placed into the binary genealogy.  Once there are 300 points on either side of the binary tree, the member “cycles” and get’s a $65 check.  This can happen very often as the ad that targets 50 zip codes costs $200 and is by far the most popular package.

Local AdLinks is attracting many network marketers that are both building their Local AdLink business and using the advertising to market their additional MLM business.  Though the company is still in its infancy, there are a number of compelling testimonials as to the effectiveness of the advertising methods.  A number of customers of Local AdLink have found their businesses on page 1 of google, ask.com and other major search engines within days or weeks of joining.  If such high placement continues for current advertisers, it would be hard to imagine much attrition at all as the cost of pay per click would likely be significantly higher than the costs for the Local AdLink ads.

Since many of the initial members of Local AdLink members appear to have come from traditional network marketing companies, it would seam that there is a real opportunity for online marketers to capitalize on this business should they so choose.  There are a couple of “online marketing” groups that have started within the distributor base, but there is much room for growth.

As with any launch of a new company there have been some reported problems with support.  The company has gone through a number of different website platforms and support platforms and should be running well by the anticipated April launch date.

As long as the ad placement technology works well for the Local AdLink customers, the company should have the potential for significant growth in 2009.

Source by Steve Jankowski

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