How to deal with Competitors using black hat link building?

Hey everyone, I am currently at a loss regarding one of my customers. They are in the real estate industry and as you know it's a super difficult market since there is so much competition as it is.

I was analysing a competitor's website (they have been in business for a couple years) and realized that they have 397K backlinks, all Follow links, Multiple anchors with 40K links each coming from super spammy website, etc…

They have been doing very well on the perps, showing up number 1 organic for various money keywords.

What am I suppose to do to get my customer ranking with legit links and citations? I feel like I can't even compete with these guys if I keep doing ethical SEO…

What would you guys do? I am looking for honest answers as this is a big client for me and I don't want to lose their business for lack of movement on the SERPs.

thanks in advance.

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