How Do You Add Value When Link Building?

The biggest issue I struggle with when it comes to link building is that there's really no incentive for the other person to link to you, which is why I've had a tough time building links.

There's a billion guides on the internet about link building, but none of the methods give a big enough incentive for the other person to actually care about linking to you.

For example, why on earth would a busy webmaster who's busy running a business and has a family to take care of care about one broken link on an article they wrote 3 years ago? It's not like that one link is going to destroy their whole website SEO.

To me, something like that just doesn't seem like REAL value, because it just isn't a huge priority.

What are your thoughts and experiences? The value in building links is super important, but again I just have a hard time seeing how to actually do it in a manner that isn't just walking up to people and going "Hey link to me please!"

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