Finding Local Business That Need an Online Presence

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There are many local businesses that do not have an online presence and have no idea about what they need to do to establish one. That’s where you, the online SEO expert, comes in and saves the day! Even if you don’t have that much experience in building websites and doing SEO work, chances are that you know WAY more than most of the local business owners. Your little online knowledge can make you a lot of money by moving to the offline world. Here are a few tips to help you locate which businesses to approach.

Google Places:

Google Places lists local businesses and where they are located on the map. It also gives information about the business like their phone number, address and website.

All you need to do is type in a keyword to find a local business catering in some type of service to see which ones come up first. Then, instead of looking at page 1 for the right businesses, scroll through to page 2 or beyond and you will find listings of businesses that will need your help. Some of these listings won’t even have a website to begin with.

Look for websites that have no SEO work done and ones that don’t look like they are getting any visitors. Most local business websites won’t be optimized for keywords and probably have no idea what that even means.

Now you have to go through Google Places and compile a list of businesses that aren’t set up properly. When you have a list of 50 to 100 businesses who’s websites are not properly optimized, your next step will be to contact them.

Most people will be content with just emailing these owners to see if they can pick up their business. A cold call to the owner of the business will be way more effective than an email. Call the business up and let the owner know how you can help them. Don’t offer to sell them anything yet. Instead, ask the owner if it would be alright to meet up with them and show them what you can do for them.

Once you wrap up the meeting, prepare yourself with information about how the business will benefit from using your services. Let them know the importance of SEO and how they need to go after certain keywords to ensure that they get visitors. If you can convince them that their website is nothing without SEO and visitors, you will likely be able to see them your SEO services and help them with their online presence.

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