Eugene Seah Personal Branding Series (part 2): The most important element in branding

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Hi I’m Eugene seah, your personal branding coach. In the last video, I explain what personal branding is not. In today’s video I’m going to explain what are 3 powerful ways to step up your personal brand. First, have you noticed that we tend to pick certain brands over others perhaps is a handbag, maybe it’s a t-shirt, maybe it’s a mineral water brand.

But what causes us to choose this brand over another, what allows brands like Evian to charge more than double for the same volume of mineral water? What allows brand like Coach and Tiffany to charge more than five times the price of other similar products? Well, in my years of study and corporate branding this is what I’ve observed; It has to do with 3 S. S for Superbrand me. The first S which i’m going to focus on today is something called substance. Do You notice that we like to call people when we admire men of substance, women of substance? Why do we say that? That’s because they have certain qualities that we aspire to have, that we want to become like them. And because we can see something more than their appearance. We can see something in their heart and that’s why we call them men and women of substance. How can you have more substance? Well I want to introduce you to a concept called a A, S and K. what’s A? A is attitude what kind of Attitude you do have to life? Do you wake up every morning and smile and say good morning? Or do you say it’s another day.

Your Attitude determines your substance. if people are attracted by your attitude, naturally, your substance goes deeper and your brand goes up. That’s Attitude. Second and that’s Skills. What kind of Skillsets you have? Are you good in numbers? Are you good in legal matters? Are you good in IT? Good for you if you’re good but are you good enough to develop the next great big app? Are you good enough to develop apps for both Android and iOS. If not then perhaps it is time for you to develop those skills and make it deeper and wider. If you’re good at numbers are you good enough for your CEO to choose you as the CFO? Do you inspire the kind of trust in yourself.

Think about it, takes some time right now to write down what kind of Skill sets do you have and how can you make those Skills even stronger in this year. A, S and the next is K. Want to make a guess what K stands for? No, K is not Kaisu. K is Knowledge. What kind of Knowledge do you have in your industry. Are you good enough to teach me something in the next 30 minutes? Are good enough to teach someone something within a networking party? How good is Knowledge and how can you improve your Knowledge further. Every time when you commute to work and after you finish work and commute back home, what do you do on mrt? What do you do on the buses.

Do you play Candy Crush or you read articles to deepen your Knowledge about your industry? When you flip the papers, do you look only at a sensational things like soccer, murder, rape or do you look at your industry trends? Do you bother to go and ask the experts and attend courses to widen your knowledge in your field of expertise? Think about it A; Attitude, S; Skills, K; Knowledge. If you spend this year doing these 3 things really well and you invest time, energy and in fact even money in these 3 areas, I’m sure that your substance will be deeper in the coming year. And that is the first S in the 3 S framework of personal branding. In my next video, I’ll explain what is the second S.

My name is Eugene seah, your personal branding coach. .

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