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Establishing a user-friendly and affordable website is a must for every sort of business in these days as many business homes rely on websites to meet their ultimate customers. This increased reliance on websites and online interaction with the customers has increased the costs of installing and maintaining a website. However, many startups are struggling to design, develop and maintain a website of their own at the embryonic stages of business due to heavy financial crunch. Keeping in view such entities which are trying to make their mark in this competitive market, many major firms and consultants are coming up with the services at reasonable and affordable prices.

These companies design a few basic websites which can be customized as per client requirements. A few of those generic model websites are offered for free while customized websites are offered at affordable rates. Beside, financial crunch the startup or small enterprises also face stereotypes and prejudices of their own team members while convincing them to launch a website service of their own. Majority of the opposition from team members stem from cost concerned and to address these cost or financial issues attached to designing and developing a website the startups always look for an affordable service. To help start-ups and small enterprises to cope up with such issues here we are endorsing a few series of steps to be followed while executing an agreement with the company. These suggestions could help you in choosing an affordable and reliable partner for your embryo,

• List your priorities and features that you wish to add to your website.
• Search for reliable and competitive web hosting companies in the market.
• List out the generic models of the best web hosting companies that you would like to execute an agreement with.
• Use matching concept in order to select the company that is offering the design almost similar to your desired one.
• Make your budget before arranging a meeting with the potential partner.
• Communicate your requirements and also include the generic models they are offering which are suitable for you with minimal modifications.
• Offer a rate and negotiate the cost as per your budget.
• Before executing the final agreement keep in mind you ensure your rights and obligations well and any mismatch in verbal and written agreement must be addressed before signing the final agreement.

As the majority of the services by companies are irreversible at least for some time, you must pay attention to the bundle of services that are coming along with the basic product. Pay attention to the add-ons such as maintenance, around the clock support, SEO tools etc.

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