The Differences Between Sales, Marketing & Branding – Personal Branding Ep. 2

so first let’s clarify what’s the difference between sales branding and marketing because most entrepreneurs have no clue they think it’s the same thing sells marketing and branding what is the difference just yell the answer the other answer what’s the difference what do you think is a difference branding is you’re selling yourself okay […]

#7.2 What Is Visual Branding v1.0

Visual Branding “A picture is worth a thousand words” is an English idiom. It means that a complex or complicated idea can be conveyed with just a single image or picture … … and that the image or picture can convey its meaning more effectively than the description. This is extremely relevant in today’s Internet […]

The INFRINGERS | Branding Meeting (Episode 1)

The INFRINGERS | Branding Meeting (Episode 1) Over-sharer: M-maybe it’s our name? Marsupial Man: Wait, what’s wrong with The Ring-tailed Lemur Squad? The Sulk: Doesn’t really say “Super Heroes”. The Over-sharer: And we keep getting emails from people asking us if they can donate to our animal charity. The Sulk : If anything, you’re more […]