Branding – How We Help Your Branding

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Branding Services – Do you need a branding company?

The most important element in branding
What is video branding?

We help you get your offer, ad, name, brand everywhere and specifically targeted to your local community.

There are two aspects to branding. One is formulating the brand. The other is getting the word out so people know about the brand and become familiar with it and used to seeing it. We help you with these latter aspects.

Local exposure is 10,000 impressions within a 7 mile radius from your business location. This is location or proximity marketing at its best because it doesn’t involve ranking or trying to learn new skills or hire expensive marketing consultants or anything like this. We simply provide you 10,000 impressions aka people looking at your ad every month for only $77/month!

Also we can get your site with a cash back reward offer on 1500+ top business sites in America… banks, airlines, hotels, news sites, Microsoft, YELP, etc. Mega exposure for free. When you get new business generated from this exposure it will cost you 20% but that is 500% ROI to your business with no other marketing expensive required to generate this new business. Proven to increase customer retention and increased spending as customers continue to come back they will spend more per visit!