Advantages of Blogging – How Blogging Can Help Increase SEO

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Despite the popularity of Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr, people continue to post to blogs. Blogging platforms provide users with a simple way of instantly publishing material – everything from a crafted, lengthy essay to embedded videos and pictures. Although some SEO / SMO firms may emphasize work via social media as part of your online marketing plan, content continues to drive visitors, and blogging is an important exercise that can raise awareness of your brand and increase your authority.

Blogging as a means of promotion is a good way to boost your main site's search engine optimization as well. Let's consider the advantages of maintaining a blog as part of your online market strategy.

Content is King, Relevance is Key

The best way to draw visitors regularly to a site is to offer something new every time they come. Your core audience is more likely to share your URL and information if you have something to give, and blogging provides a good way to get content live and easily distributed. Whether you have a blog connected to your main site or separate, you are more likely to gain high positions in relevant search by having updated content on hand. You do not have to write a book every day – even a few paragraphs about your products, services, or events can help.

Create Variety, Blend Search Results

As major engines like Yahoo and Google move toward a blended paradigm in search that pulls results consistent of more static sites – videos, Tweets, and social links – bloggers have an opportunity to shine. Search engines place special emphasis on blogs as reliable sources for updated content, so as you continue post and link back to your main site, you increase the authority of your presence under your given expertise.

More Sites = More Search Real Estate

If your business has an established relationship with specific keywords, you may enjoy good results with your main site in search. The addition of an off-site blog, a Twitter account, or other sites dedicated to your business can help boost the relevancy of your main site, and also keep your brand prominent. Have you ever performed a search that called up several sites belonging to one company? It may look excessive at first glance, but with all the top sites belonging to one group, there is little room if any for competitors.

New content drives people to a site. If your static main site is constructed to present your products and services, the supplementary blog keeps visitors returning. Social media may change the way people promote online, but blogging is a tried and true strategy one must continue so you can promote via social media. The support will help you main site in the long through links, relevance, and high search results.

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