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First a few words of who is behind Garko Media. It’s this guy…. Gary Konigsberg. Gary is also known as… Garko. A few words…. creative, humanitarian, spiritual, talented, successful.

Gary will be releasing a professional CD with songs from the over 150 songs he has written in the last few years. Stay tuned…

Gary is also a photographer and fine artist and you can contact him and see some of his works HERE

As for GARKO MEDIA. Our business is here to help your business make more business. So, If you’re looking for marketing assistance to help your business grow, we would love to be part of your success story. Let’s begin with a 14-30 minute marketing consultation – at no cost to you!
Whether you’re a brand new business looking to get off the ground or an established firm in need of a fresh perspective, we’ll provide insight and suggest resources that will help you reach your target market with the highest possible ROI.
Schedule your free marketing consultation today!