#7.2 What Is Visual Branding v1.0

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Visual Branding “A picture is worth a thousand words” is an English idiom. It means that a complex or complicated idea can be conveyed with just a single image or picture … … and that the image or picture can convey its meaning more effectively than the description. This is extremely relevant in today’s Internet world where … … everything is visual down to the websites and social media networks … and Instagram is a classic example. According to Wikipedia, “Visual brand language is the unique “alphabet” of design elements – … … such as shape, color, materials, finish, typography and composition – … … which directly and subliminally communicate a company’s values and personality through compelling imagery and design style.” Visual Branding is extremely important when creating websites. Many times, the website’s appeal to the customer can make a difference in … … whether the customer wants to buy from you online or whether the customer wants to be associated with your brand. If properly designed, visual branding can create a strong emotional connection between your brand and your customers. Visual branding can communicate an authentic and effective brand strategy across all aspects of your company’s communications to your customers and your employees.

Visual branding can lead to strong customer loyalty and repeat customers for the long-term sustainability of the business. With strong Visual Branding and Identity, ….. companies who are able to use design elements to create associations with their company’s identity, its products and services, ….. and its philosophy, values and culture will be more successful in drawing in customers to their company. And, of course, great graphic design knowledge and skills will be needed to blend in with a strong understanding of Branding, Marketing and Business Strategy. .

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