Proximity Marketing Revolution – Local Small Business Branding And Lead Generation

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We help you get geo-targeted advertising on tier 1 websites & apps. With this revolutionary new app we enable you to turn your cell phone into the most powerful portable billboard. With a range of 1000m you can turn your cell phone into the best proximity marketing device on the planet.

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Simplified 2 minute video description of this best ever advertising solution!
Proximity Marketing Revolution - Let's Start Here!

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We are providing you brand new marketing technology which was not available to anyone anywhere prior to 2019!

You Get 10,000 views on your ad in your local area/ You can also target any other location in the world! 
Ads are seen by potential customers/clients on the newsfeed of their favorite social website or app!


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How To Earn Substantial Income As A Provider Of Proximity Marketing

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A Primer on Proximity Marketing – It’s History and Modern Applications

Proximity marketing utilizes digital technological breakthroughs to convey messages to individuals chosen by their nearness to a targeted area at the time the message is sent. We get you the best localized small business lead generation available. And at a negligible price.

Proximity marketing is frequently referred to as location showcasing or location based advertising. The technique can be utilized with blue tooth empowered gadgets, mobile phones, ipads, etc.

Old Idea, New Delivery Mechanism

Proximity marketing isn’t an altogether new thought. It has been utilized by businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations for quite a long time. The traditional time-recognized methods for doing proximity marketing utilize such as these examples…

Setting a flyer under the windshield wipers of each vehicle in the parking area of a shopping center to make known the opening of another store.

Putting a flyer with a coupon for a free pastry at a nearby eatery under the wipers of all vehicles left outside a concert or sports or other event

Mailing coupons to each address inside a 25 mile range of a store.

Making a PA system announcment in a store or shopping center offering discounts in a store or on particular items. (think K-Mart blue-light specials, for instance).

Today, all but a very few can be seen carrying with them some kind of electronic gadget that features both GPS and remote access. Consumers can opt to receive messages and offers and hope to get convenient and applicable special offers, data, coupons or rewards by basically being in the right place at the ideal time.

Proximity marketing with cellular enables you to target specific areas. Think about these examples:

You could send a coupon to everybody on a specific stretch of shoreline on a sweltering summer evening offering a free 32 oz. refreshment at your beachfront eatery with any meal purchased at your restaurant. Or on the other hand you could make the offer just to individuals who live in a neighborhood or just to individuals who have an out-of-state area code on their telephone.

If you are marketing for a motel or bed and breakfast, you may send a photograph of a visitor room and a rebate offer to everybody riding through the neighborhood train station with a device registered outside your neighborhood.

In the event that you drive a cab and you are situated in an area that has “55 and better” or independent residential facilities, you may choose one such and send a VCard to each gadget inside the residential complex declaring a 10% markdown on each fare for individuals over age 65.

2019 And The Advent Of Royaltie Gem Proximity Marketing

This is a whole new era for proximity marketing because of the Royaltie virtual gem. Let us introduce you to an app that you can acquire, download and install on your cellular device and change your marketing success.

  • Instead of a flyer on a windshield or a PA announcment at K-Mart, previous proximity marketing technology involved the use of bluetooth broadcasting. This pushed an intrusive ad appearing on the cell phones of the passersby while marketers were getting their message out. Now, with our Royaltie Gem Virtual Billboard proximity marketing we haver a solution that everybody love. Marketers can now deposit their advertisement on the newsfeeds of
  • top websites like CNN…
  • top social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google and also on…
  • cell phone apps, only the best and most popular ones. This gives marketers a tremendous and brand new, previously unavailable tool. Mega, epic, unprecedented presence which is remarkably powerful for their branding is now available. This is so much more appreciated by consumers than a flyer on their windshield or an intrusive message popping up on their cellphone deskop. Advertisers are getting much better results now. Proximity marketing has come of age with the Royaltie Gem Virtual Billboard proximity marketing opportunity
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