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Greetings! I am Gary Konigsberg aka Garko of Virginia Beach. Garko Media LLC was established in Richmond, VA in August of 2017. I am a professional fine artist amongst other creative activities. My business focus has been search engine optimization services. This is available for me now and will be in the future. If you are looking for SEO services for your local business then I am here at your service. Here is a sample testimonial of my work….

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Stephanie Checchia, Owner, Intuitive Arts Life Coaching Services, LLC

I have had to adapt and pivot, make changes, as we all have in the current extreme and scary circumstances. My focus now is on how to make money from home while most small businesses who would have been my prospective client base are shuttered. I have lost a lot of clients in recent weeks because they were forced to close their business because of a unique combination of government action, common sense and health precautions. Now I am moving forward in the world of work at home opportunities. What about you? You didn’t really want to go through all this and then just go back to your cubicle did you? After intensively searching around for something that works not just for me but for everybody I settled on a TWENTY THREE YEAR OLD cash rewards platform which has been getting better and better and easier and more profitable for its reps for 23 years! Within a few hours of my signing up to their system at the $29.95/month fee I had made $29.95 from THEIR advertising and efforts in their corporate coop GPS (Global Placement System). These are the features you want in an online opportunity and ClubShop has them all… RELIABLE: Clubshop Rewards has proven its reliability: it’s been on the market since 1997. Throughout the years has paid millions of dollars in monthly commissions to its active Partners.

EASY: GPS puts your business virtually on auto-pilot because it has been designed with ordinary people in mind. So, you don’t need to be an expert or a marketing guru to be highly successful. Month after month, GPS builds your online shopping mall’s base of potential customers on your behalf.

AFFORDABLE: You can instantly get the GPS basic system working for you, with a tiny monthly fee of $9.90 and optimize it automatically all along the way, as soon as your monthly income starts growing.

LEGITIMATE: It’s a genuine business opportunity. Since 1997 millions of people from around the world have joined ClubShop Rewards to get cashback when they shop online at our ClubShop Mall and get paid to refer people and have their own clubshop rewards mall, global sales organization, and home business.

PROFITABLE: The new, unique compensation plan, based on the Clubshop’s exclusive TNT marketing strategy, is doubtless the most advanced, effective and profitable compensation plan ever conceived in the Network Marketing industry.

ENJOYABLE: Thanks to the automated aspect of the GPS, you don’t have to take care of the most tedious and frustrating tasks typical of all the other Network Marketing opportunity. Thanks to your GPS, you can have fun and socialize with teammates from all over the world, while your business keeps growing.

ETHICAL: The entire TNT (Taproot Networking Technique) strategy and its automation are based on one basic concept: everyone’s success must be the direct consequence of their teammates’ success. A win-win situation and an infinite cycle, where everybody’s happy!

And the best part about the GPS is that it allows you to create both kinds of income – EARNED INCOME: every month your GPS delivers to you a specific number of new potential customers/affiliates/partners for your Clubshop Mall. And you can also invite people personally. With the juicy GPS 50% Fast Start Bonuses, you could start to make serious money from day one, while laying the foundations of a massive passive income.

PASSIVE INCOME: it’s a kind of income that you can keep receiving month thanks to an initial effort, which you keep receiving month after even when you sleep. The unique TNT marketing strategy invented and perfected by Clubshop throughout the years has one main goal: to build a solid and passive income for our GPS

Subscribers while offering real value to the end consumers. let it work for you! CLICK HERE At your service… Gary Konigsberg 757 296 8963 Other resources which have proven worthwhile and beneficial even in the marketing of Club Shop.


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Marketing Systems

You don’t need a website of your own in order to market Club Shop but you do if you want to brand yourself and your mall as something other than just a Club Shop rep. Branding is important. If you want to do the branding thing then you will need a website and so you need domain and a website host. This is a great solution HERE. Next you will need a landing page and you will need a leads source that provides genuine leads. There is a lot of overlap on these things but they are all essential resources. For your website and landing page creation the best resource is this one. CLICK HERE  

FACEBOOK ALTERNATIVE Helps You Connect To Other Marketers!