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Greetings! I am Gary Konigsberg aka Garko of Virginia Beach. Garko Media LLC was established in Richmond, VA in August of 2017. I am a professional fine artist amongst other creative activities. Here are some samples of my work. Hope you enjoy these and if you want to see more please go here











Let’s talk. Nobody has made more mistakes than I have. Is that bragging or confessing or both? I don’t know but I believe I can prove it is true.

After Google changed its algorithm in 2013 I no longer knew how to accommodate them and get my client’s websites ranked. Bye bye “Website Popularity Services” biz!

My path back to earning an online income has been long and frustrating.

Like many other people who are otherwise rational and sensible I made a lot of wrong turns and lost a lot of bitcoin around 2016-2017. I would be doing better financially now if I had been in a coma during those months.

Let me tell you this now and please listen…. if you see something that says autopilot income, passive income, etc then don’t go towards it. Instead, run in the opposite direction.

In fact, all of these “opportunities” are invitations to disaster. Even in the best scenario many people get hurt by them then those few that end up in a good position so they can turn a profit and very few will get rich except the owners of the program.

Now let’s talk about what you could, should and might do which would be wiser…

There are things to know about making a living online and it can be done.

1 It involves work.

2 You will struggle and make mistakes but you can get get through the darkness to the sunshine if you keep at it.

3 There are things to know so focus on knowing them and that will help guide you through.

4 Don’t quit your day job unless you have savings to tide you over for a bit or a rich uncle.

I will be sharing more important basics with you as we get to know each other better.

For now, here is something beneficial, valuable, useful and free.

The gold you seek is in your mailing list. Here I give you directions on where to get your picks and shovels.

Gary Konigsberg
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